Political Spectrum July 2023

Liberalism is the lie that as time goes on, things get better. Fundamentally, it never gets easier. We solve problems and we create problems, as to solve problems requires effort. We will never free ourselves from the necessity of meaningful struggle, as liberalism is a forecasting error. So called progress leads to climate change, deaths of despair and an absence of meaning and community.

Conservatism is the lie that keeping things the same will avoid the need to change. Change is outside our control, and whether we hold onto certain variables or not to deny that change is required is to reject the learning and curiosity that keeps groups alive. To adapt and survive, we must be curious and learn. So called conservatives fail to look far enough back in time at our ancestors for cues about our true nature.

The political spectrum therefore is a lie and a distraction, just another form of proxy violence perpetuated by people who want to benefit from their role in the middle of it, capturing the flow of funds and attention. We want to believe that we are heroes acting against a coordinated and countervailing force. This invisible force acts unproductively against solutions to the problems that we have.