BOINC October 2017

Small decisions can have big impact if a large number of people make the same one. Organ donation falls in that category. As does donating to Wikipedia. I discovered something really cool that costs neither organs or money but could save lots of both. It’s called BOINC.

BOINC is an app you can download on your computer or Android phone. Anytime your phone is on Wifi, plugged in and unused, it will harness that unused computing power in your phone to perform scientific research. You even get to choose what is researched. Options include disease research, space, mathematics, physics or various other areas.

It takes a few minutes to set up, from searching it in the Play Store or on Google to actually getting it up and running. If even a small percentage of Android and PC users downloaded it, it would form the most powerful supercomputer in the world by a large margin. And that would probably lead to some important solutions to hard problems. Download it.